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Here you will find vibrant SMEs with a passion for sharing their vast amount of knowledge on any subject imaginable. We strive to uproot the traditional ways of knowledge sharing by providing people the opportunity to monetize their vast knowledge and experience in a particular subject by using our one-to-one, secure, private, real-time video conferencing service.

We want you to be able to go anywhere in your community and be immersed in vast amount of knowledge on any subject through our online expert service. Whether you’re on a distant adventure, or just traveling across the street, InterKanect is here to bring together experts with people who are in need of immediate expert information.


We are in the middle of a knowledge sharing revolution!

InterKanect SMEonline service is about rethinking the traditional knowledge sharing food systems to make homemade meals more attainable. We’re decentralizing the dated food industry and supporting local home chefs to take control from the food industry by creating their own home restaurants so everyone can obtain delicious homemade meals. The food revolution will be led by those who are least represented in food business ownership today: people of color, women, disabled people, and immigrants. We believe that disproportionately low food business ownership among these groups is not due to less great ideas, recipes, and entrepreneurs, but to a food regulation system that makes it impossible for many of us to even get started. @Home Grub is committed to promoting delicious homemade foods by kitchen chefs.

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No Risk Becoming an SME on InterKanect SMEonline service costs nothing to start.


Promote To become a successful SME you must invest your time and energy into promoting your vast knowledge and experience with good photos, descriptions and videos describing your depp knowledge on a particular subject. Our platform makes it very easy for you to post photos, videos and detailed descriptions to promote yourself. Remember, you are competing with all the other SMEs that also offering their knowledge and experience in that particular subject.  


Online payment system integrated into our private, secure, one-to-one video conferencing service. Verified by PayPal 

If you do choose to accept online payments you will need to create an account with PayPal, our online payment processor, and they do charge a fee for every online transaction they process. Currently that's around 2.9% of the total order + .30 cents. Additionally, you will be responsible for any charge backs. But, you will have the convenience of monies being directly deposited into your bank account.


Attract Customers The best way is to simply tell your friends and share info about your SME profile on any message boards or other sites related to your subject or topic that you participate on. You can also sometimes attract members by linking to other sites on your subject topic. If someone else has a great article, link to it!


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